Nothing is learned.
They have earned their fight,
To remain in blight and ignorance.
They make claims for a need of change.
And wallow away in accepted indifference.
Choosing where they wish to be!
They can not see that.
And they argue amongst themselves,
They do not listen!
Yet their troubles disturb.
They want to be heard.
Blind and gathered in a collected herd!
Doing what they want.
Wanting what they approve and choose.
Those who have listened,
And observing it more and more.
Look for exits to distance themselves.
From those who have chosen to dwell,
In these spells of stagnation.
This is what they want!
And they flaunt and do it well!
Any truth or spark of enlightenment,
Will never be theirs to be shared to tell.
A sign from anyone sharing their grief,
Would please them!

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