And still we have war, terrorism and famines of those will we ever be free
And the gap between the haves and the have nots only widening despite the spread of democracy.
Long gone is the McCarthy era the one who broadcast fear of red
The one who gave rise to the witchhunt of communists under the bed
Yet we still have rank and class distinction for to appease the subservient kind
And still the one eyed king is the ruler of us in the Land of the blind.
And still for God and Country men are warring though the supposed war to end all wars long gone
And still the intolerance of those different amongst the ruling classes live on
And still we have got xenophobia that always lead to crimes of hate
If we are all sisters and brothers how come everyone’s not our mate.
We now have the big corporations that only benefit the greedy few
And that a booming economy too benefits the have nots is something that does not ring true
For even in the World’s wealthiest Nations you will find poverty in the extreme
And those who talk of an egalatarian World are not realistic ‘twould seem.
They have all but rid the World of communism and capitalism is now to the fore
Though poverty is now even more widespread and nothing has changed from days of yore
And still we have wars, terrorism and famines and Empires they rise and they fall
But the lessons of the past we have ignored and from history we’ve not learned at all.

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