They liked each other,
But never expressed their feelings to the other,
Both were my friends and I being a common friend,
Could talk what they could but could not,
Her name was, leave it, she was a beautiful flower,
An appealing girl in her mid-twenties,
She had all what a male could desire in a female,
I asked my friend let me call him Mr. He,
Why don’t you propose Ms. She?
He said I am already engaged to my cousin,
In the rural areas of Sindh cousins are married,
To avoid the distribution of agricultural land,
I am helpless if I marry Ms. She they will not spare her,
She may be even killed.
Time passed Mr. He married his cousin, who died,
After giving birth to her maiden son,
His mother came and started living with her son and the grandson,
I often visited their house and found Chachi, loving his grandson,
Looking after him, her beloved grandson,
I suggested Chachi to marry his son with Ms.She,
She took much time to be convinced,
Her point of view was that a step mother,
Would be dangerous for her grandson,
Anyway, Mr. He and Ms. She were married,
I used to visit their house and always found,
The old lady insulting and humiliating her daughter-in-law!
A few years passed the grandson started going to school,
As there are not sufficient play grounds in Karachi,
Children play cricket on the roads,
One day when the grandson was playing on the road,
A crazy vehicle hit the boy and he was seriously injured,
He was immediately hospitalized,
Doctor said an immediate blood transfusion is required,
His father’s blood did not match,
The step mother came forward,
What a game on the road was played by God!
Stepmother’s blood matched,
Bravo Ms. She! Donated two packs on the same day!
After that whenever I visited my friend’s house,
I found her very nice with her daughter-in-law,
And when Ms. She gave birth to a cute female child,
The fairy became her beloved granddaughter.

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