That most of those known as Howard’s battlers are middle to upper middle class
Those who have never felt so hungry that they have felt like eating grass.
Howard’s battlers are not battlers and that’s as sure as I am not a poet
If they were truly battlers for the Liberals they would not vote
Or for the Mark Latham led Labor party who keep pushing the Liberals further right
For the votes of the well to do middle class the two big parties fight.
Howard’s battlers are not battlers as most battlers live on welfare
Or work in the lowest of lowly paid jobs and few of them know or care
Anything about politics and few of them bother to vote on Election day
They are the unrepresented and they live life in the hardest way.
Howard’s battlers are not battlers since a battler to me
Is one on a low income who battles with poverty
A battler does not own a million dollar house as most of Howard’s so called battlers do
And to call such people battlers is to say what is not true.

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