Deepened by excessive pollutions
In it frightening the ghostly situations,
Through which eyes hardly can see
Sense hardly can be free;
Some natural fogs and mists also add
But as seasonal fact,
Modern plights are manmade;
From social wilderness screaming is coming
Howling and lamenting spread around,
Ears are about to be deaf
At those painful cries,
Thickened miseries touch the soul
Mortality curses the immortality
Severe vices have been loosed
So the grave sins are sweetened
Modern plights are manmade;
Left, right, respectively all teeth bite the tongue
Left hand blows the right
Left foot chicks the right
Energies get fully weakened,
Mentality, is absolutely damned in silver civilization
Let alone spirituality;
Equity, honesty, sensibility, rationality
Those have been punctured already,
Modern plights are manmade;
Mind wants to go out tearing the body itself
Soul is silent;
Heart wants to stop circulating
Body is silent;
Knowledge is withering away
From fearing of being impure;
Brain demands to be urgent rescued
That minority wants but majority does not,
Modern plights are manmade.
*(This is a Conceit in Stanza)
Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │ 28 December,2017

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