To share with others of like mind…
Will soon awaken to find themselves,
And those times,
Tossed away.
Like things unneeded during an exhaustive Spring cleaning.
As collected momentos come to mean not a thing.
Especially to those who look forward to the exposure,
Of fresh and new beginnings.
And something more purposeful,
Than the rearrangement of the old and tried.
And much overused complacencies.
Complimenting a compliance.
Perhaps to traditions known.
Like worned out furnishings…
That do nothing but trap dust.
But treasured to keep wiltering memories alive!
Just for someone to feel a sustained trust!
With a need to know what is in place,
Will be there!
In a comfort…
One continues to repeat.
To keep a significance.
When reminiscing!
An effectiveness is lost in a time that has gone.
And yet…
One may sit in wishes nothing comes to change this.
Although change is what life is!
And has always been since its inception.
Like a birth that grows to shed life…
Aspiring to horizons unknown!
As this process comes to all,
To be shown.

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