And how his nickname came to him I never did find out
Though some day one may tell to me how snowball came about.
As a character in his own right he earned local renown
And he was loved by young and old and all in Millstreet Town
As the saying go a harmless man he would not harm a fly
And to celebrations and parades he only added joy.
He never made an enemy and many friends he won
And he was always looked on as a figure of great fun
And in and around Millstreet Town his was familiar face
And he and a few others brought laughter to the place.
Way back there in my boyhood years as I remember still
His antics caused much laughter in that Town by Clara hill
The parade might seem boring then somebody would say
Thanks be to god for snowball he brought fun to the day.
The days and weeks roll onwards the Seasons come and go
And I still have the memories from all those years ago
And characters from childhood years I readily can recall
And one lives in my memory his nickname was ‘Snowball’

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