After a long time
Among scenes of Nature
Beautiful, wonderful, amazing
In the summer season!
Day is bright with sunlight;
Lands are dry and brown;
But grass and trees are green!
Ponds and wells are filled with water
Due to recent sudden rain in the nights
That keeps fresh the places
Though hot now in the noon!
The super fast train goes
With galloping speed
After leaving the station soon!
Within two hours we reach
The main junction in the middle
Before it moves on the 2nd part!
The second part of the journey
Due to drowsiness people sleep
For an hour or two till the last
But one station comes after
Three hours to a junction,
Where we get down to change
The train for our town next!
Within 50 minutes we reach
Our town in the evening,
When the southern breeze
Is cool, soothing and comforting!
There ends our journey home
And it’s for you to dream about
Other matters according to your
Wish and conclusion! Bye, bye!

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