You work hard to provide for them yet them you cannot satisfy
You do your very best for them and to please them you don’t cease to try.
Sometimes you do feel suicidal of any happiness you’re in despair
But a tiny voice from within you tells you for to hang in there
There’s a way out of every problem and you also will find that way
Hang in there through your darker moments and you will see the brighter day
Tired of waking each week day morning to go off to work on your bike
For to earn your money in the hard way under a boss that you don’t even like
Just for the sake of your thankless wife and teenage son and daughter who have no respect for you
With life is not meant to be easy you nod your head and say true.
Tired of being taken for granted you feel a devalued man
This not the life one would wish for not the sort of life you did plan
You and your wife once loved each other now she’s never in a good mood
And your children of fifteen and sixteen to you disrespectful and rude.
The weight of the World on your shoulders at least to you that’s how ‘twould seem
Once happy and quite contented you have lost your self esteem
You don’t drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke tobacco and you are morally and physically strong
And you ask of yourself the question tell me where have I gone wrong.
Tired of the life you are leading and overall feeling quite tired
Far worse husbands and fathers than you by their wives and children admired
Sometimes you do feel suicidal life it can seem so unfair
But a tiny voice from within you tells you for to hang in there.

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