Today they celebrate his life in Scotland and in pubs around the Land drink to his fame
There never was a greater poet than Burns and of his equals so few one could name.
For Auld Lang Syne that song will live forever it will live as the anthem of the new year
The Scots tonight in pubs around the world to their National bard will raise the glass of cheer
And sing Lang Syne and My Heart Is In Scotland and that great love song about his Red Red Rose
And they will shed a tear for their old Celtic Homeland to the haunting strains of where Afton Water flows.
The poems and songs of Burns belong to all peoples though the Scots will always claim him as their own
A literary legend in his brief life span and in death his legend it has grown and grown
In his younger years he was an Ayrshire ploughman till his great poems earned him literary renown
And his successful life enhances the great truth that circumstance don’t keep a good one down.
We will toast him on his birthday Robert Burns he was the one who loved humanity
He drunk hard, sung and danced and he made merry and he was a true prince of poetry
The World was better for him living in it and his fame has spread far beyond his Homeland shore
And his poems and songs now belong to all peoples and his name it will live on for forever more.

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