The English and Americans
were not always friends and allies
as we are today.
If we travel back in time,
we were at war with one another
over a hundred years ago.
You won and we lost;
now you celebrate today
the fourth of July
for the independence you earned.
Now this may sound strange
coming from an Englishman.
Be proud of your Country,
as I am proud of mine.
May we always stand together
in any future troubled time.
It is strange
in over a hundred years
how we all have changed.
Be proud, Walk tall
and value your land.
Value your people
whatever race or creed,
for these mixture of people
make your country strong.
You fought hard
for your independence,
even went through a civil war.
Respect your values
and hold your head up high.
This is your day to celebrate,
and this why I write this poem
to say a sincere Happy Independence Day
to all of you.

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