For uploads and archives,
I mean digital spaces
For creativity,
But there was a time
When it was very difficult
To pursue and peruse it,
It was of press and publication
and review
And letter-writing
And they would mug
From giving a chance
And had to depend on letter-writing
And posts to come back,
Acceptance and refusal,
Waiting and payment for
But today, now-a-days just
After a click of the mouse
The poem is uploaded and published
At no cost,
Without any money invested
You are a creative writer.,
There is nothing as that
To preserve manuscripts,
Save the them from water,
Rodents and ants
To gnaw and eat into,
I mean the inked handwritten poems
And manuscripts
And struggled for
And suffered too much
As for classical leanings
Feeling coy of demonstrating
As morality forbade it from
To be pontifical and hypocritical.

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