the memory of a man.
styrofoam lips, fake rack, shake your hips,
illusion sunk a thousand ships,
there’s a curse on the land.
burden’s beast, you’d think at least,
you’d be invited to the feast,
but you stand outside the door.
God’s man or Satan’s boy, nothing but a sex toy,
looking for the real Mccoy,
you never reach the shore.
pedophiles, cartel gangs, cell phones, getting strange,
tell me brother how it hangs,
there’s blood on the door.
faded love, faded jeans, everything to extremes,
shotgun poets on the scene,
pedal to the floor.
Romeo and Juliet kiss, another number on the list,
a fatal blow, a narrow miss,
there’s some things you cant ignore…
One World Order, patrol the border,
days speed by, the night is shorter,
what is coming came before…
(we’re standing on the edge of the light.
lost in the deep darkness of the night.
armed by anger, with no one left to fight…
when right becomes wrong,
and wrong becomes right…)

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