And though words may cause you much offence and with your feelings grate
The sword seems far more mighty as it can decapitate.
The pen may wound you mentally and some mental scars remain
But mental wounds don’t ever kill and you’ll live to fight again
And had I a choice between the two I feel I’d have to say
That I’d choose words before the sword prefer them any day.
The sword is mightier than the pen look at Queen Ann Boleyn
She did not bear the king a son that would not seem a sin
But he had her put to the sword and she died minus her head
Given the choice she’d have refused the sword and chosen the pen instead.
It’s been centuries since John the Baptist’s head was brought to Herod’s daughter on a plate
And that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ would now seem out of date
The pen may wound you mentally but having said that still
I’d much prefer it to the sword for a sharpened sword can kill.

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