to relieve me from incubation of eggs.
And then I flew out to search the grains
thrown out by the humans.
We live on the food provided by them.
Yes, humans are so nice but sometimes very unkind.
I had heard a fire,
perhaps it was a man,
busy in hunting a bird.
No, he cannot be my spouse,
he will come back and share the fatigue of incubation.
And he should,
he shared the pleasure with me.
These eggs are his as well.
And he has come back to the nest,
he is injured,
thanks God he is not dead
one of his wings has been severely injured
he cannot fly,
he needs rest to recover.
Rest here sweetheart on the eggs
these eggs will be incubated.
I shall go out,
I shall bring grains for you,
and I shall feed you,
as a she bird feeds his young ones.
in the time of need a female spouse
can treat her spouse motherly.
Oh God!
What if you would not have created the Eve for the Adam!

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