All seem to believe what they hear.
So easily they are deceived.
They don’t comprehend,
Anything that is said to them!
But they do know about ‘sin’…
And that has been marketed,
Into a lifestyle…
Everyone participates in.
Mentioning truth is like pulling someone’s tooth.
It aches for many to have that expressed.
Whenever it is addressed…
A fear takes over,
And it becomes a hiding contest.
Honesty is not a welcome custom at all.
Some feel it as unnatural…
And too many see it as a character flaw.
Yet everyone seems to be upset…
That their standards of life has taken a downfall.
But no one wants to admit it from their lips…
How they live was a conscious invitation.
Regardless if they now refuse or accept it!
Like indigestion constipating an infection.
Nothing would be the way it is…
If it had not come as requested.
Through recommendation or suggested!
And if it wasn’t…
From where did it come from to exist and sit?
Has everyone been lieing to themselves?
Or waiting for a hypnotist to snap them out of it?

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