Beautiful this looks, devotional is our state,
Many, many temples we see in temple city.
God is one for all universal truth we worship,
Many temples of different colours we witness,
Wide diversity is there but unity is our power,
Universal brotherhood is achieved in devotion.
Emotion writes memories of journey in mind,
Western part of state is connected with Eastern,
By a main and busy national highway we travel,
In Cloth Town we buy nice new clothes of cotton.
Karma does everything giving fruit, action is true,
Righteousness holds in flow of water Great River,
Giver is super is God, he has given all resources,
Passing through heart of Silver City we see filigree.
Lord of Universe is great, in Milk Sea we see conch,
Hearing the holy sound of conch from Great Temple,
We shall return back in purity to Western Heart City,
Holy Son will travel to Southern Silk City soon in joy.
Accepting the moment of journey of life and wisdom,
Obeying the command of Holy Spirit his all children,
Together we shall follow God’s step of teaching values,
Holy Son is in perseverance even in holy cross all feel.
Like white angel he flies over sky of Silk City in light,
Great name of this city is City of Heart of Soul and God,
Father of Heaven reveals truth of past, present and future,
We have travelled to capital of paradise by his command.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,03 November 2017. All rights reserved.

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