Were you not so considerate when I needed?
I heard and obeyed you and all advices heeded
I raised eyes painfully and looked at him
He was my dearest son intelligent and very thin
I looked after him well but kept under tight control
He was required to respond at very first call
Why was he bearing all such things and carrying?
Was I so cruel and hard on his behavior?
I raised my eyebrows in unhappiness and despair
But I felt damage was done and beyond repair
I might have beaten him on number of occasions
When he might have failed to respond to number of questions
I was to get infuriated at his inaction
But I still restrained so much for reaction
No parents may want unruly scenes at home
Children are expected to behave well and always welcome
What I couldn’t understand even today about their silence?
I had kept all the options open and restrained hence
I took at least one good care and prevented their defiance
I was considerate and fulfilled all their demand at once
No one had any reason to feel neglected
I had sincerely felt and acted
I look back all those reminisces
There might be omission and many misses
But that does not amount any cruel attitude
I failed to understand his behavior with prelude
The past scenes just hurried before my eyes
He used to remain scared and made no try
To convince me of his intention and feeling
I was eager to hear those words and willing
Now all things have become past
I am approaching end of the life very fast
He may carry same impression forever
I smiled at him and tried to convince him however
He could understand my point of view
It is improbable and may be realized by few
It is difficult to erase bad memory from mind
At a time when it is stored and understood as unkind

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