we are the breath of awareness,
the truth that walks on water.
we are the light shining
from a distant harbor…
we are the prayer,
and salvation’s hands!
and yet we are the murderer,
who kills for the rush.
the packet of powder
that controls and drives.
we are the gluttons,
who throw our crumbs to the hungry.
we are the eviction notice,
and the declaration of war!
we are the baby
nursing at the mother’s breast.
we are the dream
that breaks free of poverty.
we are the same blood,
that does not pick colors.
we are the word of god,
that says ‘i care! ‘
and yet we are the machines
that strip mine the earth.
we are the saws
that cut down the trees.
we are the oil rigs
spilling oil like vomit.
we are the nuclear reactor,
waiting to claim its own!
we are the gospel,
and we are pure hatred.
we are the dharma,
and the stink of apathy.
we are the hand that pulls up,
and the hand that pushes down.
we are the hope of God,
and the mistake He just made.
we are… we are…
and we can be…
the choice is ours,
each step of the way!

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