For life and Nature they go hand in hand
And ‘twould seem to me they are one of a kind.
In Spring when grey headed jackdaws build their nest
They prefer chimney top to branch of tree
To some this seems an unimportant thing
But what’s small to some seems very big to me.
The homeowner with pole poke their nest down
But jackdaws start to build again next day
Why do the birds persist with their chimney nest
When there’s a grove of trees not far away? .
The brush tail possum is nocturnal kind
And in ceiling of house he sleeps through the day
The homeowner traps him and puts him in a box
And release him in park at least ten miles away.
To kill that possum he could not be cruel
And to relocate him seemed a better plan
But the possum through the suburbs journeyed home
To the surprise and disappointment of the man.
It’s been said that possums have a low I.Q.
And that they have only got a tiny brain
But how possums can find their way back home
Is way beyond all mortals to explain.
For Mother Nature from us many secrets keep
And her complexities we do not understand
And I believe Life and Nature are one
And that they go together hand in hand.
We learn from life and nature every day
And the more we learn the less we know we know
And life and nature is a wondrous thing
And knowledge only makes the wonders grow.

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