who have been imprisoned.
who have been to the place
where hunger lives…
who have slept in cars,
and underneath bridges.
who have worn our failures
for the world to see…
who have tasted the fruit,
who have worked the fields.
who have died each day
for a small portion of living.
who have reached for the sky,
and fallen from the limb.
who have been the tears,
the sweat, and the anger.
who have slept alone,
who have crawled in passion’s window…
who have carried the cross,
and yet drove the nails.
who have argued with god,
and took the blame.
who refused to bear arms,
who fought for survival.
who raised our children,
and buried our parents…
and all too often, our sons and daughters.
who refused to believe the lie,
who demanded our dignity.
who have asked forgiveness,
and given the same.
who have listened to the trees,
the rivers and mountains.
who grieved with the fishes,
and wept for the whales.
we who have lived,
bearing bruises and scars,
lay our beings on the altar
of justice and equality.
and becoming our beliefs,
we stand as we are….
with arms outstretched,
in the name of humanity!

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