We may get it back in same coin
When returned it may cause enormous pain
Not all can come out of its phobia
It is one kind of set back for intelligentsia
Some of unexpected fame gives rise to ego
It hurts them more when they fail to forgo
To give slip for such thought is definite victory
It may push you on the brink of misery
All the time you may be worried but insult
It may strike your mind often and remain firmly built
Some it is caused by the accumulation wealth
Extra precaution taken by them leads to deterioration of health
This generates irritation coupled with arrogance
The behavior becomes rude and seen at once
Good writers may always lie low
Give room for fresh poets and allow
Advice at any stage may prove contrary
As intelligence level may always vary
At no stage something irrelevant must be addressed
The hostile dislike may be seen as surfaced
There may appear to be some sort of avoidance
This may cause some set back for person’s prominence
Let this idea be taken off or kept at distance
Arrogance in any form is not considered as good stance
It lowers the person from his great reputation
It is bad reason for causing split in relation
I am of the opinion that one must act free
Be as humble as possible like fruit laden tree
It not only gives shade in difficult times
But rest along with some fruits in distress

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