it soon becomes quite evident
what Sigmund of Vienna meant.
I see I’d better take my leave
before some little devils weave
a net to catch my nasty tongue
or they decide that I be hung.
My friend the old Bavarian shrink
just never asks what I would think
He cautions me to stay with peers
and buy my grievances at Sears.
Before I close may I observe
that my own mother had the nerve
to say ‘stay out of that there forum’
but vist places of decorum.
I secretly am quite convinced
that she, whose words are never minced
is now regressing to an age
where anger, scorn and wanton rage
appear to feed inside the mind
JUSTIT-IA, though well confined.
Revert I say but count me out
I shall remain a walkabout.
Grown men will never act like kids
they know of Freud and its and ids.
Like all of us, we like our toys
and when we play, we play as boys.

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