As your inspiration my energy
A Michael Jackson am I,
Even if not original,
But surely a duplicate one am I,
Though have not learnt it dancing
But no less than a dancer am I
Often admired by the youngsters,
I mean in private
By my little son and daughter,
The audience of mine,
They asking for more and more
And I too trying my level best to produce it more.
Not in public, but when reaching the home,
I rounding the hat of mine
Just like a juggler,
Saluting, handshaking and greeting,
Breaking the limbs, standing,
Taking the salute from the audience
And going,
Entering into,
The handkerchief tied around the neck,
The goggles on the face,
I trying to see
Lowering the specs,
Winking at and whistling.
Breaking the limbs, I trying to dancing,
My torso and bust
Getting off
And joining
Just like a lively puppet,
Slipping and gliding on feet,
And coming to,
Handshaking and waving at,
Giving the flying kiss
To spectators
Whoever be they,
A dancer am
And dance I in any state
And position of mine.

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