There was not much work then around Duhallow
And things were better in the U.S.A.
‘Twas hoped that he would return in a few years
For to live in Claraghatlea and settle down
But Mickey met his wife and raised his children
Far from the green fields west of Millstreet Town.
He was well liked by every one who knew him
For Mickey really was a nice young man
It must be forty years since he left Millstreet
And on looking back that seems a lengthy span.
Suppose his thoughts still go back to his boyhood
The happy years he spent on his homeground
In Claraghatlea and in the Town of Millstreet
Where he was known for many miles around.
He returned to Millstreet whilst his mum was still living
But that was only for a holiday
He did not wish to stay on in Duhallow
When things were better in the U.S.A.
He left Millstreet the wanderlust was in him
And he returned only to leave again
And like many more he earns his living elsewhere
But Millstreet’s loss is surely New York’s gain.

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