and later do the dishes and take in a tray
of tea and snacks, perhaps you’d read a favourite book.
So little wisdom, ignorant of what was true,
Today I know how much I needed you.
The years were kind to us, we did the usual things,
and often worried over pettiness and crime.
And now and then we’d wonder what the future brings
if one is marching with the crowd to kill the time.
The day I watched those children playing peekaboo
I felt it deeply in my heart, I needed you.
The gods had plans, it keeps them highly entertained,
they place us humans like the figures in a game,
we only fake the sense of freedom, to be unrestrained
but few would run with wolves that are not tame.
Combining H with C in chemistry to make a potent brew
reminded me again, how much I’ve always needed you.
At sunset little thoughts of great importance sometimes fly,
like birds they have a perfect instinct, slowly they home in
where softly, violins still play their never-ending ‘Why’,
where thoughtful fingers stroke in love their velvet skin
as if to give their promise: what shall be shall be,
where lips may whisper softly, that you needed me.

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