on the beautiful chest of an
ocean and you are in a mood
on the tactical beach of life
in no time you are forced to face
the ocean of falsehood and the
sand of truth, how do you react?
would you avoid and run away
like a coward or react like
a man or mimosa or a slug?
when the clouds with different
colours, shape and size, play
a game romantic hide and sick
and the breeze blows sweet and
you are laid on a bed of dream
under the open sky and heavenly
colour vast blue which tells you
in whisper that whatever you
believe in life does not carry an
iota of truth but full bag of
glittering lie, grand and gorgeous
how do you react? would you blame
the cloud or blame the sky, either
would you ask the bright star for
light or would you hide those
with a bigger white lie?

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