Something may definitely emerge
To mix it with untruth or not to merge
I don’t know how the truth can be laid
What words can be plainly said?
How come truth may play magic?
What can be considered its essentials and basics?
It was apparently known that truth has power
Chances for its success may look less or fewer
You can go few steps ahead in its absence
But will never be appreciated in any sense
Some sort of suspicion can be created
For time being attention can be deviated
But not for long, person can be kept in dark
As lies may, in any form, fail to lift with good start
Nature may deceive you but with some reasons
Clouds may not rain without its seasons
They have something to support their action
But lies have no stand to go in for perfection
The untruth will be exposed in due course
Where as truth may prevail all the times with force
It may need no proof to prove its credentials
It may have all its ingredient essentials
You may succeed in delivering the blow
Time may favor and smoothly help to go
But it may fail you to sustain for longer duration
As it has structured on weak foundation
It may grant temporary relief or joy
But it will be worthless to feel or enjoy
It may have curse in hiding and that won’t allow
To go in whole heartedly and conveniently follow
True conscious sometimes bite when you are alone
The joy may not be there at all but in fact gone
It will not allow you to enjoy its fruits peacefully
As it does not belong to you in any case truthfully

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