Where words are to be spoken
The tongue should never be shaken
Everybody knows that we are mortal
No one can stop death’s arrival
Yet we don’t surrender merely on account of fear
Every now and then we don’t shed the tears
Where one must assertively pronounce
He should do it with high note and announce
Out of million only one brave soul may emerge
He will guide your destiny in crucial stage
What could mar your march or destiny?
Color, creed, race or reasons so many?
People may respect your high stature
As country can see in you a bright future
Hardly may you find a star among us?
To whom you can blindly put faith and trust
They have observed trauma of pain
How person can be made slave and kept in chain
It is shame to be discriminated on any count
Thank God he has blessed us with same blood count
Color is same and feelings also not different
But difference is seen and felt apparent
No people have suffered more than the blacks
What a history we have to learn as period of dark?
How much cruelty on the freedom and liberty?
This can push us to the Dark Age with full certainty
I shall pay great tribute to all those heroes
Who laid their lives else we would been only zero
What else we can expect than shedding of own blood?
Where people live in misery and die for the want of food
Let us rise and claim great respect for such leaders
We feel so much pain and grief as simple readers
How pain and sufferings they might have seen in their age?
I shall have no words to inscribe it on the golden page

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