Instead of following along a trail that has been paved? !
‘I chose this as ‘my’ path!
I wanted to experience…
Those obstacles at my own expense.
To learn and observe as much as I could see.
Without taking it for granted,
I could take advantage of an easier way for me.
And I have no regrets.
How about you? ‘
I’ve been waiting now for awhile.
They have discovered an enormous amount of debris,
On my path.
Are you coming ‘back’ from distances?
Or are you moving along on a journey?
I am moving forward,
There was once a clear path.
I saw some folks on it.
If that’s the path you are waiting to have cleared…
To visit or stay…
Or fellowship near.
Best wishes, my ‘brutha’.
You got a long wait!
Back there…
Folks like to stay in debate,
As to who should do what…
To get things done!
You should go.
You’ll be welcomed and caught up in it,
Before you know it!
That’s why I long decided to do my own ‘thing’!
Stopping to discuss what action to take…
Is not on my agenda!
Go! Or wait…
Or whatever it is you do!
They will love you!
And they will not believe,
Just how na├»ve you are! ‘

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