For to smile or even say hello up themselves one might say
For some too much of an effort for to even bid good day.
Why should I care about those who me choose to ignore
Who see me as an inferior just that and nothing more
Such self conceited people one never get to know
They seem stuck for an answer when to them you say hello.
Why sould I care about those who about me do not care
Who pass me by and never look my way with their head high in the air
They feel that they are special full of their self conceit
Those who smile and acknowledge me are those I love to meet.
Why should I care about those who to me seem so cold
Who never manage for to smile as if their smile is worth gold
Yet we only dislike in others what in ourselves we see
And if that applies to others it too must apply to me.
Why should I care about those who from me look the other way
I only like the friendly face who smiles and says good day,
A smile doesn’t cost you anything to all does not apply
So why should I care about those who ignore me whilst walking by?

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