Waiting for one who may save the fleet,
A fool mistook the gathering as a may fair,
Silently he he went forward and sat on the chair,
God annoyed of intelligentsia enjoyed his foolishness,
Ordered typhoon to stop and make it a real may fair,
Today that fool is believed as a leader of great greatness.
The intelligentsia is still busy, innocents are waiting,
For a leader to change the destroying and dying worlds,
God is waiting for a real fool, where he’s missing?
Time for that fool with foolish and absurd words,
Vacuum is still incomplete something more deadly it needs,
The present virus kills only two percent of infected men,
Nature may be more hostile, let us see what it feeds,
To a mightier virus that can kill most of the rejected men.
(I am mentally prepared to see the world population reduced by 50%)

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