World never recognizes the really talented and great works of art!
As Thomas Grey says in his Elegy, the best ones are like ‘rarest
Flowers that bloom and fade in the desert or like treasures hidden
In deep caverns of ocean’ never to be seen unless by fate someday!
Poetry is such an art that appears as ‘spontaneous overflow of emotion
Recollected in tranquillity’ as Wordsworth says praisingly that it’s a ‘best
Of knowledge of heart’ that immortalizes the creator in the hearts of all
Readers generation after generation though it comes better late than never!
Poems of great value has a special audience ever eulogizing them among
Their chosen best intimates to pass them on to their dear ones as a part of
Great culture being cherished by lovers of humanity to enjoy higher and
Sublime pleasures of life with satisfaction that nothing can offer in the world!

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