The gold billed blackbird whistling on the wattle
Though the sun behind the rain clouds hid away.
Wonthaggi Rose has anybody told you
That you are in a class all of your own
With shoulder length brown hair you do look very pretty
And fairer than you I have never known.
Wonthaggi Rose you always seem so happy
And out of sorts you I have never seen
And you’ve never looked better than you look this morning
So fresh and lovely in your dress of green.
Wonthaggi Rose if some others looked so pretty
They would walk around with their head high in the air
But you remain down to earth and unconceited
And people like you always have been rare.
Wonthaggi Rose how do you do this morning
A happy day is all I can wish for you
With a beaming smile you always say how are you
And there is warmth in your eyes of blue.

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