Yet the bridge of love must remain intact
Peaceful drive in life boat is reality and fact
Where do we land if that goes missing?
What will be left behind for chasing?
Life will turn dry as an arid land
We all must condemn.if any, such trend
Life is not that easy and confined to one field
The stand taken once should not be permanently held
Some times it turns out to be ugly and boring
The other partner gets sick and goes for snoring
At given point in start we may confine to particular feeling
As the time moves on, it is certainly felt killing
Some new problems pour in and you get frustration
Even though it may have nothing to do in relation
Female can be considered as sex object
But not that all the time you over react
It has got its relevance in initial years
It may grow steadily without any fears
It will be one of the ideal relationships
It will go on strengthening the companionship
There won’t be any bitterness so far is the relation concerned
Every opportunity may be explored and table turned
So let us strengthen bond and enjoy the rest
The efforts should be on to extract the best
If nothing comes out of it then must be left to luck
Something else should be taken on hand without being struck

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