Kind and pure heart catch the impulse by telepathy
What else we need if we hear two words of sympathy
It is pure reflection in heart
It picks up the signal and start
The very straight path for salvation
With all the means for elation
It can win any adversary
It is not hypnotism or any magic
It has simple natural law
You act honest as you draw
It is said that magnetic field does exist
It has capacity to pull and insist
It can prevail upon others for definite views
This can be experienced by only few
Light travels faster than sound
This is how messages are sent all around
Human thoughts find same way to ravel
The message is conveyed and felt as real
The message is received from a friend the moment you think
You may wonder and think how it has happened and wink?
It is considered important that how honestly you feel about others?
The same way it is realized on other side too
It is not blind faith or wrong practice
In olden days it was very good device
The great thinkers used to convey through meditation
It was known as powerful knowledge with indication

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