Something may trouble you all the time
Some worries again and again and from time to time
‘Be happy’ simple words to hear
But very difficult to carry on dear
It is easier said but not carefully done
As some of the basic nature is not forgotten
Sometimes we may think of forefathers
Then we may think of ancestral torch bearers
All to make unhappy than to bring cheers
At the end to make us sufferers
There is no end to ambition
We want fortune to strike with additions
No loss or deficiency to be felt at any time
To offer almost heart stroke sometimes
Festivals are provided to divert attention
Some of the good things are advised for retention
Yet our mind roams in all the directions
To venture more for greed with action
It is good to have all kinds of facilities
It is equally good to avail it with personal capacity
But may prove disastrous if we fail to capitalize
Loose mental balance if up to end do not realize
Many people may be living with less fortune
Yet they may be happier than any men or women
It is not what you have achieved or established
But how you have relived with it and finished
Be contended with whatever little you have
That may make you sober to behave
You will be self conscious in dealing
May have enough of patience to rush for healing
We may think of many things
Yet fail to deliver anything
That is human tragedy and weakness
All thanks to almighty for giving us happiness

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