You’ve unravelled potential.
An effect that has upset.
A regretting might be felt.
And what has happened did not result,
In the happiness you expected.
You don’t know what you’ve done,
By the undoing of it.
You sit unsatisfied…
Believing your actions,
Would be suitable.
The perfect fit.
With an applause to come with it!
You could not resist this addiction to madness.
And you find yourself in torment.
Surrounded by an evil…
You’ve invited.
And with you,
Comfortably visits!
You don’t know what you’ve done.
And the stubbornness to enforce your way…
Leaves no doubt,
About the devastation wished.
Since this is what you’ve won!
This should not leave you sad!
Aren’t you glad by it?
It is of your doing.
This is from the screwing you pursued.
And accomplished.

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