May be good for you
As who knows
When will one come to one’s help
When all turn their faces away from you,
Think of that time, situation and circumstance.
I cannot call her a bad woman as she is not what you think about
As whom call we bad are not,
Whom think we good are not
But the adverse of
What we think about
As who helps in which way,
Who can ever say it?
The bad are not bad, but it is the good who have made them changed into
Otherwise would not have been,
Would not have been so,
Good and bad the two sides of the coin
As good cannot be judged in the absence of bad,
Good and bad both are necessary
And it will but make you prejudiced.
As a man, I want the same the bad woman whom want I to correct her,
Why has she chosen such a path,
But the middle men or women the worst fellows
Just for taking out
And putting the blame on
As for to extract something from.
And contradict I it that the bad cannot be good as she is after all a woman,
Full of the milk of kindness
And can never turn away from
As to serve an inborn quality of hers
Which but she cannot deprive of,
Which but she cannot deny.
A woman a woman he cannot be bad and even if she is, it is none
But the people who have made her so
Otherwise would not have been bad
As we call her
Without taking into our consideration
Her time, situation and circumstance.

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