But the clock keeps on ticking and time seems to fly
And the longer you’ll live the sooner you’ll die.
You may well be some eight decades past your life’s prime
And your old school friends all victims to the passing of time
But time is not waiting the clock ticks away
And each day you live nearer to your last day.
You may well be the wealthiest by far on your street
With your inflated ego swollen by conceit
Quite disdainful of those who are in poverty
Though time will take care of you just you wait and see.
He once was the greatest athlete in the Town
And on the athletic tracks he carved his own renown
But an old athletic injury has left him in pain
And now he walks slowly with his walking cane.
You may well be in your twenties in the prime of your life
A well to do fellow with a pretty young wife
But time keeps on ticking and the days quickly go by
And the longer you’ll live the sooner you’ll die.

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