Though I do not hold like the face
Of the moon yet I am the most
Beautiful, the most charming
Face in the world
The light it reflects
More glorious than the sun
More delightful to behold
Than the silvery moon
Cooler than any breeze
Deeper than any ocean
Wonder of the wonder
I am your wonderful
The first face you see
The first person you trust most
With whom you share
All your strength as well weakness
All the secrets – –
Without being in danger
You tell me with out fear
your joy and happiness
I never become jealous
In the world I am the safest locker
That’s me
Wonder of the wonder
I am your wonderful
In ups and downs
Whose prayer and care
For you always fly
Whose love nobler than high hills
Wider than the blue sky
Which works like a magic wand
And within a wink you forget
All the woes of the world
By my soft touch I can turn
Within a minute your sorrow and pain
Into an invaluable grain of gold
To keep you warm and alive
I am ready to die in hunger and cold
That’s me
Wonder of wonder
I am your wonderful

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