Insatiable, keen to play?
Let me correct you if I may.
If you were satisfied with one
and never tired of the fun
you would not need to have a clone
because you’d be a monotone.
If eyes and senses God had given
you would be active, even driven.
With so much beauty all around,
you think of it, the pubic mound
and two soft rises, they be blessed,
plus so much more, you know the rest.
So, have a look at royalty
they are not sworn to loyalty.
I ask you now, do you agree
that all the beauty that you see
is for the eye of the beholder.
Would you permit for lust to smolder
because you think that such demeanour
is justified due to much greener,
more luscious and well-tended grass?
And if you do you’d be an ass
you see, I note that every day
(it matters little if you pray) ,
you find a new and pleasant spouse
inside your head and in your house.
It’s like the petals of a rose
they open as they please your nose
with fragrances of times that change.
So, my advice is, do arrange
your thoughts about meandering,
no woman likes philandering.
And if you feel that you must look
to land a stranger on your hook
who’s pretty, smart and also nice,
then rest assured that all you guys
are dumb beyond your horny dreams
you only comprehend what seems
to be the love of one more dame,
reality puts it to shame.
You’re searching for your petty soul,
which is a man’s most precious goal.
But, will you find it in seduction
or in a thrilling introduction?
Your soul can never really stray,
it has a destiny to stay
within your wrinkled, sinful skin.
So I advise you, don’t give in
to all they hype of unknown pleasure.
Just have a look at your own treasure.

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