Breathing, speaking, feeling, what you liked
On the true identity of us you were founded;
Fearless time in green nature merrily you passed
Chaosless society truly you experienced
Amity, unity, greatness among man you saw
All those fully used to fill your heart and soul;
But we are here fully helpless at your days
We are here fully disturbed at your days
We are here fully tormented at your days
We are here fully dumb and sick at your days;
We cannot eat and breathe freely for pollution
We cannot talk freely for tyranny, warfare situation
We cannot speak freely for wrong regulation
We are made blind and deaf at your days, too;
We are afraid of your future generation, too
Whether they will be accustomed the time to
Or whether they will be more irritated, too
Or whether they will support you to run these, too.
Copyright © Muzahidul Reza | 09/14/2017

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