It is very unfortunate that some of the things happen
Verbal exchange takes place and rivalry all of sudden sharpen
It is human psychology that is at work for the moment
It runs in all the direction and try to be seized with movement
It cultivates all kinds of relation and alliance enter into
That is beauty of kind heart that attempts to prove it true
From the surface or appearance it may look so sound
It may be successful when explored to with some fresh ground
It takes even longer time than expected to gain with fresh round
Ultimately it is gone through and journey is onward bound
But it is plain truth also that you may come across many
Some may be well off and some maybe starving of money
They may try to come closer for seeking some favor
You got to make some adjustment somewhat major or minor
It is common fact that we are basically very selfish
The whole life cycle is based on “perform or perish’
The small fish is killed by bigger one to survive
We also compromise little in life to survive
This is practical aspect of one side
Its impact is known to all and very wide
We can’t retain everything and successfully hide
We need some one very close to confide
This creates some sort of safety and security
It makes one feel confident and improve upon quality
In doing so you may need whole hearted cooperation from all
The close ones may include relatives, friends with long duration
It is unfortunate that sometimes we err in recognizing the fact
Some of the odds faced by us are coming from treacherous acts
That may be caused by close relatives or from staunch friends
This will ultimately wrack us and bring a vitiated end
Whole confidence is shaken and taken over by mistrust
Some bold steps needs to be necessitated and are must
Nothing comes to help at critical time when they are needed most
You are sunk for no fault and pushed to the corner almost
What important role you play or contemplate?
How do you overcome it and confidently relate?
It is balancing act arising from very table mind
Not hatred but love is essential to be seen as very kind

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