Old men have had their innings it is of youth we sing
And the red rose on the rose bush enjoys only one Spring.
Some say with age comes wisdom though for such that I cannot show
As I’m not any wiser than I was decades ago
And no fool like an old fool others are known to say
It does not mean you are wise because your hair is gray.
You are a well known footballer the word has got around
And once again on last Saturday you were the best on ground
You inspired your club to victory with another great display
And your goal after the siren it won your team the day.
When I was your age back in the late sixties with no great fondness I recall
I was not much of an athlete and useless at football
Though I had my sporting heroes and of sporting glory I did dream
But dreams and reality are far apart at least that’s how ‘twould seem.
Old David who drinks in the local pub often talks of his glory years
His tongue always seems to loosen after drinking a few beers
As an 800 metre runner in his early twenties he was the one to beat
Till a knee injury put an end to the career of a promising athlete.
Youth and age though often mentioned in the same breath in reality far apart
The ageing bloke is feeling weary and he has a weakened heart
Whilst of the one in his early twenties the word has got around
That he is a fine footballer and often the best on ground.

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