I would have,
Had I artistic excellence in me
I could have.
Had I been a photographer,
Would have,
Would have snapped the photos,
But no photographer am I,
Nor am I with the camera.
Your smiles cutting deep and deep into,
Your smiles sweet and cutting,
The lines figuring upon as impressions
And vanishing,
May be it I shall not be able to snap again such a posture.
Your smile turning into a sweet memoir, a sweet remembrance
And I keep remembering,
Your smile a memento of mine
To reminisce about,
Your smile the smile of my life and keep I smiling.
Your smiles balsams blossoming
In the courtyard,
Your smiles rajanigandha sticks with blooms
Under the moonlit nights,
Your smiles the things of my admiration.
Your smiles turning into the smiles of mine,
I smiling, you smiling,
We all smiling,
I meeting you on the way and you smiling
And I too returning smiling about the smile of yours.
Your smiles, oh, I could turn them into my art,
The lines on the lips
And from the lips affecting the heart
And the heart feeling happy
And I going thinking about the smile of yours.

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