It was a clear, summer day
And the most beautiful one of
All her sisters before.

Everything seemed to be in joy
And I was no exception.
Rejoice, I did, to my heart’s content.

All my sorrows sank beneath
The buoyant sea of bliss.
Its daylight caressed me.

My eyes were opened to see
It’s beauty like never before.
Time seemed to pause before
Everything it stretched forth.

My mind wandered
Across the universe I
Existed in then.

It was filled with the most beautiful
Sweetest and strangest of sensations
I forgot every bit of my sadness.

My sky had cheerful prospects.
Yet of its fulfillment,
I did doubt in my heart.

Nature seemed to be in unison
With my heart’s joy.
Every creature seemed to be
A part of my glee.

But suddenly I realized
This day would never come again.
It would leave like her sisters who
Left their footprints in my heart.

I was filled with sorrow
‘Cause I’ll never see it again.
It would be like any other day
But a day to remember, it was.

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