Roseann V Shawiak

Color-coordinated, trials and joys of life are trivialized

Being pried open, burly statements throw themselves about,smashing and trashing lifetimes of those who cannot fightback.Lack of strength and resourcefulness causes reluctance ofliving life to any extent, let alone it’s fulfillment.Screeching to a halt at every crossroad, saving no one fromdire consequences of destruction.Daily attempting some small little idea or reason, findingthat all is stomped…

Lines of life will end just beyond the next corner, out of sight.

light upon my brow.Loving this peaceful calm, letting waves of it’s tranquility washgently over me, filling all places of loneliness with grace of loveand serenity.Colors brightened intensely in the stead of recreated life.No longer squatting on edges, belonging now to the middle where noone can exist except the person whose soul it is.Never letting existence…

Having breakfast at the Horse Shoe Cafe, sitting in the window,

Been living here now almost two years.Wickenburg reminds me of my own home town, except for the westerntheme here.Looking up and down main street, enjoying the ambiance of SaguaroMovie Theater and all the little shops – quaint and touching.A beautiful two-story at the end of main street on the other sideexudes class and clarity of…

When life stands still, moments of silence penetrate the atmosphere,

Softly cascading, recreating happiness, echoing it’s joy infinitelyin minds usually filled with sorrow.Soothing, serenading voices laid to rest in bedding of silken peace.Sliding along paths of least resistance, flowing with patterns ofmusic, becoming the soul’s quiet undertaking.Finally at rest within oneself, feeling the quietness of naturalcalming solace.

Strangling life dreams and spreading them over ocean

in a storm.Fascinated, letting them go into unchartered depths,waitingfor their return, hoping to see alternated visions –only better than before – of life dreams.Sitting comfortably, allowing destiny to take it’s turn,as I wait in quiet anticipation for them to come tofruition before the setting sun this evening.