Stuff I Love

Here are some things that make me smile
My lip corners upturn when these come into mind
Amazing as the rainbow stained glass tiles
And also simple as a little bird’s first flight

Try to think of a refreshing, blazing autumn forest
Like the earth’s been studded with candid rubies
A riot of warm colours, a blazing, dazzling mess
Like Picasso spilled his palette and well, maybe
Crimsons, oranges and yellows were meant to be friends
Like how their souls passionately release bright flares
Into the pale blue sky, as if fire did mix with water

Try to picture yourself being in the middle of a tea plantation
The ocean of youthful, jade leaves embraces the cooling breeze
Golden sunshine bouncing joyfully on the leaves amidst gentle mist
The fresh fragrance of the new leaves, a huge temptation
To savour a home-brewed cup of light, bittersweet tea
Or drown in these peaceful, verdant seas.

Here are some things that make me smile
I can’t help but grin come into sight
Amazing as the rainbow that dances in the clouds
Like seeing the face you love standing in the crowd.

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