Is it distant sound of doom’s day somewhere in the world?
What a world we live in with joy and sorrow juxtaposed!
In some places, bright sunshine and blue sky beauty world;
In some other places, cyclone and earthquake shake world;
In other places, mild rains and sunshine come and go here;
All these happen in the same one world we all live in ever!
It is like poverty and richness juxtaposed in the same world;
Suffering people and white collared people live side by side;
Both the opposites of life and work are two sides of same coin;
If we have heart of love, we can balance all with give and take!
Storms and rains come and go, but we have to live in the same
One world whether we suffer or enjoy here forever with all…!
But adjustment, we can make this one world a heaven to live
And also, paradise to enjoy love with all forever and ever sure!

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